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Crypt Crack Intro #05
An intro by Crypt released on . Coded by Thorn. Featuring » Crypt Intro « - a SID by Unknow
U-Turn Crack Intro #02
An intro by U-Turn released in February 1996. Coded by Cavey. Artwork by Csezso. Featuring » FX « - a SID by Bappalander
Killers (NO) Intro #01
An intro by Killers (NO) released in October 1989. Coded by Hitman. Artwork by Davinci. Featuring » That's the name « - a SID by Henning Rokling
Onslaught + Laxity Crack Intro #01
An intro by Onslaught and Laxity released on . Coded by Didi. Artwork by Didi. Featuring » Groove is in the ass « - a SID by Jammer
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