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Boonfire Crack Intro #01
An intro by Boonfire released in 1989. Coded by FGTH. Artwork by FGTH. Featuring » Intro Tune « - a SID by Zagor
Avantgarde Crack Intro #03
Diagonal scroll - an intro by Avantgarde released in October 1993. Coded by Magic Man. Artwork by Mac. Featuring » X-Glusif « - a SID by Xayne
Resistance Crack Intro #01
An intro by Resistance released on . Coded by Sachy. Artwork by Mermaid. Featuring » Dreagoszcz « - a SID by MCH
Ikari + Talent Crack Intro #07
An intro by Ikari and Talent released on . Coded by Fletch. Artwork by Fletch. Featuring » Oregon Power « - a SID by A-Man
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