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289Pentacle + Wanderer GroupCrack Intro #01

"Pentacle Co-Op intro"
Pentacle + Wanderer Group Crack Intro #01
75 / 100
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
25 October, 2018
Scrolltext #1
the pentacle presents a new co-operation crack! our group consists only of two great members who are dueco and gremlin high greetings. to all friends and contacts who greet us! we do not like to create rankings,cause we do not want to discriminate any freaks! if you want a cool contact with one of us call germany [] 02552/62108 or [] 0251/314843 high greetings to my girlfriend (please do not destroy my compi once more) also mega yuppies to gremlin for always tapping telefones (in cornfields) he he he - story ii is coming soon to your screen (with new cool coding from gremlin! yeah!) hello saschak. (syndicate), what about stealing this nice four speed multi scroll with new effects? goodbye fans !
Scrolltext #2
here is the wanderer group scroller ! here are the greetings (ranked with numbers): 1. triangle, pal /ikari, c64cg, detonator, dominators, tfd, fac, ace, tlf, scoop, the beasties (great competition demo, many scrolls!!), mzp, tfo, dexion, papillons, wod, new edition, level 99, gamebusters 1541, jewels, wanderer group, 2000 ad, f4cg, triad, fcs, system, xakk, popeye, cfr (special!!!!!), fairlight . (send faster), hca (best in germany), madsquad, sap, tls . (why no sendings ??), shield, german cracking service (cool demo).... hey sharks, try to recrack better the next time!! hey galaxy, you've get a greet now !! now the member-list from us: speedcracker rub tef j-up vip trashian lukullus tangerine ... girl members: sabine georgine (usa) claudia hero of the time: rub(ber) for spending originals to cairo !! break space, bodyshaker !!! +++ js re-code by doc snyder 2018 - +++

102PentacleCrack Intro #01

Pentacle Crack Intro #01
84 / 100
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Original released
November 1987
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
07 December, 2017
ß the pentacle ..... presents ß zybex .... done for pentacle on 10.2.87 the pentacle is growing.....members are: . dueco gremlin terminator rom (elc,bitspy) for contacting us call wanderer (?) some greetings to: ace, c64cg, dom, twg, tli, orion call germany . ß 02552-62108 markus . no lamers please! . see you all on conference with the terminator from the sunny california!