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Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
13 February, 2019
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Scrolltext #1
coder v2.0 done by the magic cheesi use joy #2 to control scroll yeeeah here you have hercules from gremlin's it was cracked and packed from disk by chris for the crackout crew !!! hip hop's (abc): academy-aron-beastie boys-commando frontier-digital projects-hotline-inxs-miracle-online-orion-pentacle-rhenus-scoop-sigma-tartan army-tek-thundercats-triad-triumph and last but not least to & ultimax ! & ... crc are only: cheesi-chris-sly-simon-mindless-mathew-error and till ... my phone # :0043/662/53516 ! contact me or fuck a horse !?! ....
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