506BeatnixCrack Intro #01

80 / 100 SIDMp360+00
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
11 April, 2021
Scrolltext #1
now beatnix presents the complete version of there new intro . first the credits : all coding , graphics and text done by pacman , the littel char is ripped by me too from ??????? , the big char is ripped from leonardo-game (by me) , the musik was made by ' matt gray ' .it's very cool and long , too. now somthing about this group . i , pacman got my comp in dec. 1984 and started to prgramm in basic one or two years later i started with assambler and named me first domisoft, later i called my (own) group domisoft - the one man cracking group . under this name i did some cracks and coolcodes ! one day i started to swap with a memeber of ' the alcoholics' ( now dead!) after a cool swapping time i joined 'the alcohholics (alc)' , i wrote some codes in this group , but one day , there was a strange reason the group alc had broken up and all members are gone and i , too . so i didn't wanted to rust and so i searched for a new cool name with wwhich i could name myself and i did found it : it's ' pacman ' (you know it already) and i also found a cool group name which is ' beatnix '(watch logo) ,but there is one problem ! i'm still alone , i mean there is only one member in my group . so i aske you : " please write to me if you wanna join ' beatnix ' and get a real member !!! so i wait for your letter !!! and you have to write to: plk 070280 c 5067 kuerten west-germany .... ... .. . now the greetings will follow ( just hi to my best 'n coolest contact's in a-z order ): mc. gyver/acid (alwas cool stuff 'n cracks ) , digital dilight (dd) ( hi henning how is it going on with my musik song , send the tape back) , druids ( dj-kat : what's going on with you ??? please write !) , opal ( truce : i always wanna call but i always forget it ) , planton ( if you won't write in future i'll write ) , savage( hi atman and ccr : sorry i can't come to your party ) and now you will see it!! !! ! our contact adress : ... a second time ......... sorry but i forgot it !!! please watch scroll again or look in memory !!! o.k. (joke!) .............i have to do it !!! i have to stop now ... sorry ...!.... . . bye !
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