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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
04 September, 2019
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Scrolltext #1
the airwolf - team of the 1.8.1988 is proud to present: crossout!cracked on 5.4.1990!!thanks to the disc - cracker for the original !!! i hope you all like crossout ! if you like this crack so much that you wanna contact us (we hope so) then write to : plk 089632 c 3260 rinteln west germany !!! everyone is welcome, except arrogant guys !! ... we hope that we are the first to release this game !! hope it will never be re-cracked !!! greetings to: computer-king, the conan-team, the highscorekiller, the german japanese, b.c.d. (what's your actual name ?) , the disc-cracker, heart soft, big boss man (who is that ?) , king size and all we forgot... if you have problems with a "load error" when you've inserted main disk, then reboot and turn off and on you disk drive before inserting main disk ! okay, that's all for now ! thus, press space !!!
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