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685Samar4K Intro #01

72 / 100 Mp360+00
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
09 July, 2023
Scrolltext #1
hi it's me kr'89 don't press the space bar just read this text i recommend you the latest programs in poland for commodore 64 on disk and tape and for amiga for 3.5' and 5.25' drives call me tel 47 37 05 robert (warsaw) my address ul. wiartel 8 m 49 02-698 warszawa i send programs by cash on delivery for the whole country - free catalogs!!! greetings to fss, apa soft, tocont, tilt soft, f.kalus, p.jez, klc, hotline, ikari, triad... call me or write my nameis robert that's all bye!!!
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