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intro #495LaserCrack Intro #0283 / 100 SIDMp360+

Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
08 April, 2022
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have you seen byterapers' latest demo release? wow, a great smasher. nobody expected anything like thar.. strangely enough that i cannot remember a ''. thinking about the old days the handles 'grendel', 'golden child', and 'rockstar' flash back upon my mind, but ''?? but he's pretty good... anyways 'deri colours' was triple trained by laser fleet admiral 'rough' i had birthday on july the 28th, went already 20 years and the holidays finally started aswell...time to clean my room...

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StormChild posted on
Whoa, nice one! Never heard this music, but I'll check this guy on HVSC definitely! Keep up the great work, Doc, you're awesome!

intro #079LaserCrack Intro #0185 / 100 SIDMp3

Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
05 November, 2017
It seems like you're using a device featuring a screen refresh rate > 60 Hz. This is an old intro that might run too fast on your display. I'm working on it, but fixing ~ 300 old intros takes some time. Please apologize for that.
Scrolltext #1
intro by ironfist&l'trimm crack by rough music by a-man

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Ironfist posted on
Best intro ever :-)
Doc Snyder posted on
Thanks for the hint. Fixed it.
Sokratekk posted on
doesn´´t work?!
v20.0.35, 2023-11-27, 13:55