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527Weird ScienceCrack Intro #01

88 / 100
Original released
5 October 1988
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
17 June, 2021
Scrolltext #1
'garrison', presented by weird science: 5/10-1988. cracked'n trained by the tricky freak 1571, it's my birthday today... first, mir smart's top 15 ranking-list (30/5/9)... : 15.spech, 14.beyond force, 13.blaze, 12.mantronix, 11.insanity,, 9.lions, 8.sphinx, 7.action force/byterapers, 6.swat, 5.ikari, 4.hotline, 3.zenobits, 2.orion, 1.f4cg... other greetings (updated month ago, wonder when we get a new updated one) from ws2662 goes to: 1809,action force,agile,agnostic front,alpha flight, amiga sector 1,amiga yorkshire,abg,bandit,beastie boys,bros,byterapers inc.,cartel,cat,cfr,clan,connection,cps,crack factory,critters,dbs,dca,ddl,de-soft,deadly friends,dexion(+ddd),digital force,double w team,dsu,dualis,dynamic systems,exact,falcons,fashion,fbi,fig,flt,freestyle inc.,front,fusion,future crew,gcf,heptacon,hjc-crew,honey crew,hotline,hulksters,ibb,ikari,imagine crackers,inxs,ira,jcs,jetspeed,jewels,mcp,mechanix,miami byte,naf,new order,north star,online,orion,pioneers,plasma force,powerrun,powerstation,psychic guild,rawhead,rough boys,s451,sanx the explorer,scg,seven-up, and triology,silva,skulls,softkiller crew,soulkiller crew,special fx,sphinx,starion,stef,sub-zero,tau,tetragon,tli,trance,triangle,tronix,tst,upfront,volunteers in phantasy,vortex 42,warlord,warriors,wgi,wwe,xades society,xakk,z-circle,zagon,zark,zenith, and to the rest of weird science and the rest there was missing..... later...
Scrolltext #2
weird science, our word for quality... intro coded by: the tricky freak, grafix by: tbh
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