Drive Mess with the Best, die like the Rest.




- Mess with the Best, die like the Rest.

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463DriveCrack Intro #01

89 / 100
Original released
June 1989
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
03 August, 2020
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Scrolltext #1
dis is yer old greet-scroll: ikari-f4cg-exact-pulsar-triad-demolition-unibit-haro-red sector-dominators-oneway-wido-s451-agile-fe*gp-starion-hotline-dcs-sphinx-fairlight-2000ad-abnormal-action-atg-axenon-beyond-xfactor-cosmos-crazy-crusade-future-killers-noise-online-paramount-excess-xrated-transcom-savage-sharks-level99. usa scroll: zap-topper-mirage-nrg-twg-tsm-ddv. remember that the whole list is is no ranking status. the current drive memberstatus: freddy krueger,plastic,thor,sys, skater,slash,cox,timex,top jimmy,gator.
Scrolltext #2
who is releasing all the stuff in ye old germany (it's drive-who else?).hostages was cracked,trained and levelpacked by freddy krueger.this game was cracked with the help of 'dope' (like ever!).anyway,if you want to contact a total drug-addict (for swapping new 64-stuff and all kind of legal and illegal drugs -hahaha!!!) write to: plk 016176 d, 4330 muelheim/ruhr, west germany. contact this address to get all the latest drive wares extremely fast (2-3 weeks after crackdate - no,no, just kidding).if ya wanna buy all kind of 64 and amiga wares write to: warez-store, plk 094169 c, 4330 muelheim/ruhr, west germany. freddy signing off... take drugs !!!
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