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110Fantasy Cracking ServiceCrack Intro #01

Fantasy Cracking Service Crack Intro #01
84 / 100
Original released
22 September 1987
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
14 December, 2017
plug a joystick in port two and move it left or right - intro done by mr cursor - this game was cracked by last science and fcs on the night before the copy party- top 10 of the last science : fcs - fac - twg - ace - the survivors - beastie boys - silents - c64cg - ccs and the light force the fcs top 10 are : ace - ikari - fairlight - fac - tls - dominators - wanderers - popeye - madsquad and beastie boys - if you want to contact last science then call (0)2290-62544. or contact fcs at(0)7804-2066 or (0)228-361520 or (0)228-219695 or just stay lame! - signed fcs/tls
Marcovich posted on 2019/05/25
Great. Would like to see their Intro on Defender of the Crown here, with a wonderful SID version of Klaus Doldingers Das Boot theme.