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195System of DevilCrack Intro #01

This intro is missing info.
System of Devil Crack Intro #01
73 / 100
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
22 April, 2018
here are the greetings this time in no order : hotline(hey henrik cooool stuff.send more!!!) bros mcg(hi tom and joe cool) orion(sendmore strike force(the coolest guys in germany) 711(hey ralf nice tele callings with you. shit post!!!!) bb(hey sindicat send faster!!) sphinx(hey atom don't worry . now you are in the greetings!!!) ikari(hey tri-dos coool stuff) zargon sience 451(hey rygar. pease send to the right address!!) fire eagle(hey doesn't write to a false address on the sendings,cause i must wait 2 week for your sendings!!!) abnormal(hey power coool demos. greet us higher than befor!!!!) noise(hey maze greet us higher!!!) octagon(welcome) zenobits(nice to meet you in venlo!!) g*p(greet us or die) lazer(greet us or die) wierd science action force/b(hey devil) plasma(nemises,send faster) huge(welcome back!!) ega(shit stuff, next i drop you !!!) frantic(cool guy, nice to meet you in venlo!!) blaze(ok we come to your party!!) mjm-s(ervive/axion 1 beyond force(hey karus) new edition xades society(only spitfire!!) hc(hey drax cool rankings!!) . sorry to the other no more space bye asmodis
hey here is asmodis/system of devil with the nice game mini golf. it was cracked on the first day in december. wait for our next demo " christmas demo " hope to see you in venlo or in luebeck . thanx to parasito/system of devil for this nice intro.stay cool we stay cooler . bye asmodis/system of devil bye