Cool Cracker Company



560Cool Cracker CompanyCrack Intro #01

85 / 100 SIDMp360+00
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
20 October, 2021
Scrolltext #1
plug your funstick in port #2 and control this mega-scroll .. yo! it's again optimus who is speaking 2 u & i present you in the name of the cool cracker company ä daily double horse racing ä - (c) by artworx,cracked by optimus in the august of 1988.. !! contact the cool cracker company under = ccc = postbox 182 = 3300 amstetten = austria = .... credits for this coool intro: ^ coding by diogenes ^ grafix and design by optimus ^ fab muzak by laxity/2000ad ^ and big char.set by banana ..... for the greetinx look in the scroll below.. i think thatz it 4 now . so stay cool till the next crack of ccc - the company with style ! ... wrap ..
Scrolltext #2
we say hail in a-z order to 2000ad/laxity, bb/syndicate, bcc, bros/rcs 2100, cfr, cosmos/ssd, fcc/light wizard, ikari/just ice, lazer/tcm, mechanix, mr.cursor, powerrun/lords, pulsar/mik, taf, tni/mags, tps/pioneer, tsb/sba+tet and to wot......
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