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569DeadlineCrack Intro #01

84 / 100
Original released
8 March 1992
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
21 November, 2021
Scrolltext #1
derbyshire ram presents 'bubble dizzy' from 'codemasters' cracked and trained on the 27th of january 1992. english beers as well as alpha greets fly out to the following... acrise, active, akrak, awesome, babygang, beyond force, bonzai, brutal, censor design, chromance, clique, crest, crypt, depredators, dominators, dominator designs, dunex, enigma, extreme, faces, fairlight, f4cg, focus, genetix, genesis project, graffity, guardian angels, hysteric, ics, legend, light, nato, noice, oregon, origo, pandora, paradize, pulsar, s451, sharks, silicon, spirit, success, talent, tbi, tcl, tga, tkc, tnt, triad, the ruling company, tropic, tss, varsity, viper, warriors, wow, x-factor, x-ray, xzess. salutes to [] [] wicked, bad, pies, china syndrome, lru, medina. usa greets to tsm, atc, nei, empire, exodus. later.
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