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109Gamma Cracking ForceCrack Intro #01

Gamma Cracking Force Crack Intro #01
62 / 100
Original released
1988 (?)
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
13 December, 2017
hi hungarians! here is the new stuff from the satan of gamma cracking force (tst/gcf) and the highest high of the secret service (thh/tss) if you need new software, then contact only the secret service group, because i send always (?) the newest stiff to them the tel. number of tss is: $d011, or isn't it? oh fuck! something is wrong, i don't know it, you must look into a tss product forthe tel. number! hey everybody, if you made a good demo, or you made a very good trainer, or you made something great with your commodore 65-1 then send it to tss, they will send it to me, andi can spread it in germany if it really coooool is !hey thh/tss !! you have said that you will send me impossible mission ii !! hey thh, you were too slow !! bacause i have it soon! so if you have something new then send it to me as fast as you can !! oh now some hellos to: tss miky (or mike or cbm 87) abo vic martin-soft kns ins panda elite triumviratus hic and fuck hetye !!!