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204HotshotCrack Intro #01

Hotshot Crack Intro #01
68 / 100
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
01 May, 2018
Scrolltext #1
call us: 051+765363 yosi 052+550015 alex 051+25845 ofir 057+952279 regev 051+765231 avi ....or write to 215 78100 ashqelon israel... for cool'n'swapping write to me.. dr.j/hs alex goldblat harav kuk 38'a hertzlia 46787 israel ..later dudez!!!
Scrolltext #2
hello dudez! another cool crack done by the doctor j of hot+shot.. look 4 cool cracks from hot shot : stratego,tarzan go ape,snake mania,cj in usa,high sky,tank battle zone,world rugby (another version) and many more to come... our mag. wan't release b-coz of lazyness! ..sorry! signed: the doctor j/h+s (c) 1/12/1991!