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- Resurrection and Perfection

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429SurvivorsCrack Intro #01

Survivors Crack Intro #01
70 / 100
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
27 February, 2020
well finally we come out with a release! the survivors are pathfinder, villain, illusionist, wanderer, infinity, hitman, extremist, scatterbrain... i gotta make this short, i have afootball game to goto in less than an hour! greets to xds, tsm, nec/nei, fan, i+a! euro: culture, class, legend, genesis project, extasy, censor, i+t, f4cg... well call the awesome survivor boards: tunnel of wares hq (718)/760-5711.. latest obscessions (702)/454-7842..the interlink (215)/678-5784..wanderland! (705)/560-7493.... look for more from us very soon! ok a little message to someone out there: hey i will buy you a joystick for christmas! hah, later