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Laxity Crack intro #01

Laxity Crack intro #01
76 / 100
Original released
23 February 2013
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
05 September, 2017
Doc Snyder
December 15 2017
HTML Canvas speed differs hugely between browsers/devices. Smartphones/Tablets have relatively poor performance compared to desktop machines. I'm getting the best results running Chrome on my notebook. Runs at stable 60FPS on my machine (UPDATE: even on my smartphone ... so I'm a little confused, why this - not too complex - intro performs that bad on your side) . You can check your framerate by adding "?fps=1" to the URL ( . What is the framerate you are getting? And what device/OS/browser do you use?
December 15 2017
Runs way too slow therefore does not fit to the pace of the music.