The New Dimension The power of The New Dimension

The New Dimension



- The power of The New Dimension

453The New DimensionIntro #01

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Original released
12 November 2013
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
08 July, 2020
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...feel the power of the new dimension ... ... hi there, welcome to my latest contribution for the 2013 intro creation competition 2013, run by laxity ... i call this intro 'rain-tro' ... mainly because it is raining right here in front of your c64 :) ... this intro originally had nothing added to it, and also the size of the file originally took over $4000, so something had to be done about it ... the tune is called 'tears' and was inspired by a classic tune by flex of artline designs ... i do hope you like the overall result, despite raster timing problems, where sprites overlap a raster split ... credits for this intro look something like this: programming,1x2 charset and music were all done by richard of tnd, only thing not done by me was the nice logo, which was done by jsl ... okay, cheerio for now! ...
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