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037Men at workCrack intro #1

This intro is missing info.
Men at work Crack intro #1
70 / 100
Original released
1988 (?)
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
06 September, 2017
no-order greetings to : beastie boys, tsk, orion, rad, byterapers,twg, online, agile, strike force, fsi, riffs, legend, shining 8 ... sorry for this bad and simple intro, soon better!! greetingot a lot, soon the full ranking list! see you all at pwr-party!
men at work present: "maniax", cracked and ++ trained by elvin on 18.06.88. contact us at plk 016259-b 4100 duisburg 74 west germany. welcome to our new members "scanner" and "venom" ! we will drive to the pwr-party special greetings to all our friends in the cracking mission !!
Gary K posted on 2018/09/15
Thank you so much for this memory intro. I was Venom and the Swapper of MAW.