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72 / 100 SIDMp34610
This intro is missing info.
Original released
23 January 1987
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
18 September, 2018
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Scrolltext #1
greetings to popeye,new bencor bros.,fc,triad,trianon,electro,yeti,micro mix,danish gold,wizax,aek crackware,algsoftnet, tlf, cfo, tdc,rdi and krabat...
Scrolltext #2
this crack was done by the plutonium crackers on 29/04/87 !our members are: alien (plk44/4, 1000 bln 48), cjw (plk006293b 1000 bln 49), don (plk01233c, 1000 bln 31), cpu and tos (plk006294b, 1000 bln 49). kill gaddafi...
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