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500Army of DarknessCrack Intro #01

"Zombie Intro"
Army of Darkness Crack Intro #01
80 / 100
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Original released
21 December 2020
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
25 February, 2021
happy holidays you warez whores! army of darkness brings to you onthe day after christmas 2020 an old dusty centipede clone: bug battle +dh.... original supplied by black beard... trainer, hi-score saver, and linking by prowler... docs and testing by optic freeze... left over candy cane flavored 3 packs of edible panties fly out to: hokuto force - genesis project - atlantis - fairlight - excess - triad - raiders of the lost empire - faayd - nature - mayday! - onslaught - laxity... call optical illusion at port 64128 for all of the latest c64 cracks to go along with those edible panties... of/aod december 26, 2020...