Zombie Boys



671Zombie BoysCrack Intro #01

71 / 100 SIDMp360+00
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
26 March, 2023
Scrolltext #1
hi and welcome to another intro part from mephisto of zombie boys .. all coded by mephisto . this little intro part is to contact with us.. so if u want to contact uz just write to .. kizi ltoprak , huseyin pasa sok. no 16 d 1281040 istanbul-turkey-earth .. ok. now greetingz to (no ranx) : 711, success, transit, eurasia, saga connection, yankees, titan, house, mega industries, fristies, quintex, orion, the cracker devils, eurasia, wolfen, zone 45, psycho candy, d+u, angels, the joker crew and the others. well guyz , if u send me letter with disc(s), i will answer u quickly ..no doubt . coz we're number one group of turkey and we contain cool guyz .. write us: mephisto of zb.. kiziltoprak, huseyin pasa sok. no:16 d:12 81040 istanbul - turkey bye
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