Kay Tichelmann

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58 / 100
As Musician
58 / 100

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679Motiv8Crack Intro #05

80 / 100 SIDMp360+00
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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
04 June, 2023
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..the first and the last are telling it all, telling you loud but selling it small, i'm taking a swing at this shadow of mine, crucifix hangs and my heart's in my mouth, but it's here.. -black pearl- (c)1994 logyk software/england.. supplied+cracked by crossfire just to be able to seperate point-hunters from decent groups! don't forget to buzz down europe's #1 board -d o m i n i c- at +45/5577-6525!.. we salute the few we consider worthy: tsm, psi, coderz, demonix, grego, susieuzi, ultimate hacker, godfathers in the states.. and.. byronic!, talent, regina, f4cg, chromance, success+trc, alpha flight, genesis project, legend and noone else!.. slatez..
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