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566VariousCrack Intro #01

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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
06 November, 2021
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it was really hard to write this in iverted way. i hope you can read. intro creation 2014 competition is a great opportunity actually this intro was tanem to 7dx 2015 party. but i couldn't miss ti. thx didi!
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you are watching my very first intro! it's made for intro creation competition 2014 code and gfx by wizofwor. the great tune is taken from pri/oxyron special thx to actraiser for providing dustlayer, didi for organizing the competition, and nightlord for his priceless tutorials! greetz to 7dx team: beast, caisson, bakkada, datura, endo, spritus, hydrogen, norvax, and skate. you are the best! and you know why!
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