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"Howdy Hackers!"
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
09 December, 2021
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howdy hackers! this intro was released on 04.12.2021 at the transmission64 2021 fall edition c64 online demo party... dalezy: i am super excited that i finally got to work with igor and sander on the c64. now i am out again, because this font lacks double acute accents which keeps me from writing in rongarian! exult: i created the (mostly oldschool) disc-cover for this fabulous intro. and now... like i did in the past i close my lines with: gomp! igor: this is my first code on the good old breadbin since 30 years and it only came to be because sander didthat logo which kept me sleepless for a while, so i asked the guys to throw something together and this is it... tnx toeveryone involved! sander: hello there! despite all good intentions, i ended up doing nothing but providing the logo. and as you can see, it might actually have been a good thing! to me, this intro captures the (very) late 80s early 90s elite german vibe. i amthinking x-ample, mdg and some magic disk stuff. it is great to see igor making his return to the c64 scene, and i am looking forward to see more. quick hello to dalezy, exult, igor, ixon and focus. cheers. visionvortex: sprites for the c64? i am in! thx for having me on board! greets to all ofdesire. best crowd ever! for the latest stuff, call rob!
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