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93 / 100
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93 / 100

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445CrusadeCrack Intro #01

90 / 100 SIDMp360+00
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
04 May, 2020
Scrolltext #1
yeah! the crusade home boys shake hands with : wot (thanx for the orginals) apg (cool music) sphinx (big mouth no sendings but cool phonecalls that is the trademark of sphinx) orion radion zenobits horizon suppliers (cool) genesis z circle lions lazer hotline starion web dcs manowar 711 cosmos fire eagle drive mcg mechanix frantic legend oneway nfc twz assasins squadron (cool phonecalls) blackline s-xpress paragon rip koele groep prime sub zero wwe (sorry map for this place) bros (thanks for the free paralelcabel jappie) gang axion contex ikari dominators and last beyond force (stay cool and greet us).... overseas to: demand dca and others ....
Scrolltext #2
the crusade member status on 17-12-1988 is: tape! ... storm ... scream ... mr.goof ... d.j.kat and no one else... straik!... crusade presents ya: pinball blasteran alernative pinball game... o.k i admit, this may look ugly but it plays quite well (rating 73/100) well nothing else to say except for this: crusade kick ass! also in 1989... l8r freaks... call the crusade boards in canada... +31 (0)15-567167 (raymond)...
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