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intro #422Seventh SectorCrack Intro #0178 / 100 Mp360+

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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
19 February, 2020
Scrolltext #1
after 32 years of hibernation , the seventh sector is proud to come back on the scene with a great first release... major blink +2 written by jon williams and (c) 2020 digital monastery... this is the final and full release version complete with docs, loading screen, and hi-score saver... trainers, linking and this intro by prowler, help by plus-1-, original supplied by optic freeze... tested by one-eyed pirate and plus -1-... greetings to our friends at: hokuto force, genesis project, atlantis, fairlight, triad, excess, laxity, raiders of the lost empire, underground domain inc, mayday!, and onslaught... call optical illusion at port 64128 for all of the latest warez... we look forward to our next release... until then, long live the c64 scene! ... optic freeze signing off february 6th 2020 ...
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