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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
10 April, 2018
Scrolltext #1
are you curius who is up holds this wonderful creation? well to be fair, here ya go: the shadow [] mutant -x.... emotional bricks wrapped in silk, smashed then poured into the beverages of... dominators [] the sharks []nato [] ds compware [] cray [] illusion... are consumed, then vomited to be swallowed by none other than... excalibur [] no frills international [] the alliance [] the shaolin monastery [] north east importers... they soon became nauseous and expelled the contents of their recently adopted, second hand drinks into the mouths of 3 canadian stooges, who swallowed and relished every microsecond of the burps which slowly passed out through their salmon-coated throats...
Scrolltext #2
the earth's problems increased day by day. the misery worsened. those bold and brave enough, attempted to improve the situation, but no avail. after too many had suffered, a group of pilgrims went to a secluded island to call out to an avatar for help. they were re-assured with a warm glow of happiness... before dawn we come again to fill your drive, 64 and monitor with "budokan" by electronic arts. this work of art was cracked, trained and level packed by dominators. the sucking in, chewing and spitting out was done by avatar on february 28th, 1992! this has to be the best karate-tournament style game released for the 64 ever! now seriously, would you rather play this or the average 80 block, non-working glory release? okee fun time in this area of raster is concluding. as stated before, the story continues in the next release...
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