Overall rating
66 / 100
As Musician
66 / 100
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411LaxityCrack Intro #08

"Stoned in space"
86 / 100 SIDMp360+5912
Original released
3 October 2019
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
06 February, 2020
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Scrolltext #1
the restless pirates in laxity are back with version 1.0 of "super goatron" by misfit and (c) 2019 the future was 8 bit! original supply, mega-trainer and linking by didi! this is the official version 1.0 while the one initially submitted to the rgcd 16kb cartridge game development competition was tagged as version 0.9 - which usually indicates a beta version. sail-ho to the pirates in: onslaught, excess, nostalgia, atlantis, hokuto force, triad, genesis project, fairlight, mayday, raiders of the lost empire, alpha flight, fantastic 4 cracking group, avatar and success+the ruling company! check our boards "" and "" on tcp port 64128 for the latest stuff! outta here...
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