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409F4CGCrack Intro #09

80 / 100
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
03 February, 2020
Scrolltext #1
...wooow! this feels uncredible refreshing to hit back in a good old c64 crack intro... i never thought this could happen again after we stopped 1992! however now that it happend i feel myself obligated to show the 97' scene that old school was still the best school... anyway a few of you, especially of the old legends (if there are any left??) might soon get in touch with me and gonna find out who i have been in the former times... curious? :) - girltris+ - pal version was given to me by maja through good old skinhead (thanx for the support!!!) and broken (do good protections nowadays look like this?????), levelpacked and stupid endsequence cheat (who has invented this as cheat??? whatever!) done by the crackpoint of f4cg (the only good old and active group is still see outthere!) who i shall send out greets?? all of you who still believe in this great system and the ones who will always support it..., legend afl, scs+trc and chromance! ok folks this is enough crap, we will for sure meet us in another -f4cg- release soon. /the crackpoint '97!
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