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70 / 100
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70 / 100
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Army of Darkness(1)

542Army of DarknessCrack Intro #02

"Ash-Hole Intro"
90 / 100 SIDMp360+5916
Original released
29 June 2021
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
12 July, 2021
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Scrolltext #1
army of darkness presents: the raven+1dgms... [c]1991 compute publications/daniel lightener...testing,docs by optic freeze... original supply by black beard... help by plus -1-... trainer, title pic, map, hint book, linking by prowler... menu art, dir art by one-eyed pirate... world exploration by the fatman... intro by dokken of electron... greets go out to: hokuto force - fairlight - excess - genesis project - atlantis - triad - raiders of the lost empire - nature - mayday! - onslaught... call optical illusion at or port 64128 for all of the latest c64warez... prowler/aod june 29, 2021...
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