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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
14 April, 2021
Scrolltext #1
hello fans and friends ...cosa nostra is proud to present :intro #1 .... credits for this work by prof. honigtau-bunsenbrenner ... we are looking out for musicans, graphicans, coders, original suppliers, webmasters and fans of the c64 maschine to join cosa nostra.. write to: dreamteddy13 at ... the adress was to fast???? and again.. dreamteddy13 at dreamteddy13 at dreamteddy13 at ... cosa nostra - gruppo diletanti ... we only make this for fun and not for scene fight. notice that and respect us :) and now the greetingslist coming .... greetings from a to z: acidchild/padua, ackerlight, alcatraz, amiga industries, alpha flight, c64doc, cascade, dns/rage, dominators, dueco, fairlight, frankfurt connection, hcs 5005, italian bad boys, lightforce, level 4, macgyver/sdi, mask, mason,monty mole, mr miller, mr perfect/garfield/gsa/bfbs, musashi 9 and all other friends from, northstar.oks, all ex members of, prophets ag, quadlite, razor, radwar, remaxx, richard/tnd, sharks/ultimax, sir robotron, spider-j, sunriders, subway, tarkus team, telespielator, the band, the goonies, the new masters, the web inc., thrust/phr, thundertronix, tlg 45, tom/ne, trilogy, tristar, troublemaker/crypt, tuerkcracking inc., vision factory, war falcons, world of wonders. cn member status: abrexxes, axis, chris, gangsterkater & prof. honigtau-bunsenbrenner. a wordfrom gangsterkater: greetings to all myold contacts around the world from those cool days in end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s, and everyone else who wants to see his name here... special greets to jana aus frankfurt... ;-))) cya all later in other cosa nostra production :-) enjoy!!!
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