Overall rating
64 / 100
As Coder
64 / 100

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341TriadCrack Intro #05

"Raster Compleeto"
92 / 100 SIDMp360+9216
Original released
30 December 2018
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
15 May, 2019
Scrolltext #1
lying on the beach, listening to music and having cool drinks but today you aren't guest but servant. beach bar game from retro game development was trained by maxlide, supplied by moloch and tested by taper on 21th february 2019. we share sunglasses and cool drinks with n0stalgia, genesis project, atlantis, laxity, onslaught, mayday!, hokuto force, fairlight, role and excess. don't forget your daily dosis of antidote.triad.se:64128 and the latest about the dealers of quality software at www.triad.se ! visit the retro game development at www.retrogamedev.com
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