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intro #091TriadCrack Intro #0284 / 100 SIDMp360+

"Kravin Intro"
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
19 November, 2017
Scrolltext #1
-yikes! ..what is lamest? 1. cracking this "skramble" game. 2. install cheat-mode. 3. ultima thule. ??? ..bismarck & ziggy stardust are back in 22/10/93 with another thoker namely "super-penetrator" , eh? ..some kind of 'virus' protection? is removed. thanx to bacchus for the originals "madrax" and this one. ...candy to some flowers in triad: king tut 'kan du jojka ?' - gerry stagediver 'what happend to the elephant idea?' - jejj.eff.kejj. 'norway isn't good for you!' - ziie 'try therapy?' - ravage 'perssons pack!' - 3dent 'hey, don't eat that apple!' - vingmutter 'only send orries over 20 blx' - sailor s-king 'enjoying 20 blx games? packing!' - roffe 'tulip season?' - bussen 'good luck in nhl!' - arkon 'livin' in a big city like moi?' - $illen 'i need stuff!' - dane 'we still miss tore okvist, right!' - rave 'any extacy?' - twos hower 'still coolest name!' - loket-jerry 'tooniman!' also sum "hubba-bubba" to: vante/brosk 'i miss flygis!' - skopet ' charta 77, granberg diva!' - case 'indie rules!' - ziz/1way 'hi hedda!' - teddybears - bacchus 'ziie likes your girlie,he! he!'.... be sure to call: the studio +46/159/31991(whq). "heal the world" wanted by tranziie. i hate dustsuckers! /ovb.
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