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87 / 100
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"Janitor Intro"
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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
13 August, 2017
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triad presents another crack beyond your intelligence - 'yogi bear' + broken by janitor. i've gotta new drive! press'c' for unlimited lives...worst shipwrecking pirates the 17th of november anno domini 1987. ikari popeye/htl antitrax (a new flexer!! get it over here! now!) esi ace tcs scoop cfr fcs(mcs are you still cracking?) flt sap ne dominators c64 cg fac d-gold 2000ad (great greet!) dsi/f.a.c yeti triton t net (hi matchman, see you in stockholm) tic triangle the silents knatter/xakk rsi tlf mad squad rwe/tlc twg dcs and last digital c %5 ships's log: come to the greatest party of 'em all...triad & flt !! 18-21 december in stockholm...call 4687490522 or 4640495152 for more...
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