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"Airwolf blasts Hughes 500"
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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
12 June, 2022
Scrolltext #1
you won't believe it, but it 's true: here is the fantastic [airwolf-team] of the 1.8.1988 andwe are very proud to present you: megastarforceremix !!! hear our enemies 'last scream: "beware of the airwolf-team !!!" yes ! in a world which knows the darkness, the "no" to the life, it's not a hazard to adjust... and to pass on that "no". the venture is: to say yes. maybe quiet, but impossible not to hear it. say yes to yourself, to your abilities, to your limits and your dreams. ... staying candid and trustful. make up your mind, form your opinion... and defend it. don't adjust, but observe what others do. rediscover someone you've thought you already knew. being able to share what's important to you. keep alive inside you what is getting rare: real friendship, true understanding, compassion. don't sink in to callousness... don't wait until others stand up... fight for yourself ! leave all indolence behind... trust the rays of light ... they unite to a shining star. the "yes" to take your fate into your hands. in a world which knows the "no", it's an adventure... an adventure which gives life a sense. our enemies fly fast, not knowing that this flight's their last. signing 'n taking off: thunderblade/[airwolf-team]
Scrolltext #2
over one hundred million years are gone!! but now ... it comes ... million worlds frighten the tyranny ... of... the airwolf-team of the 1.8.1988 and the empire surely won't be stopped by the limits of any guys !! [awt] member-status: [thunderblade] [lightside] [mr.lee] [razor ramon] [courage] [mac gyver] [delta] [revenge] [slaughter] [elc] wanna get in touch with our giga-mighty forces? then try to contact us, before we contact you! try to write to the [awt]-hq or any [awt]-software-dealer ! you can also try to call... > straylight< +44 403267822 hey, press >return< to toggle music ! celestial regards to the following guys and groups: fairlight, flp-group, laser, oxyron, triad, charged, cream, extacy, gothic designs, keen acid, motivate, mr.perfect, powerage, the undertaker, citadel, electric boys, accuracy, arcoss, chg, noice, ody, truss, utopia, zac, crescent, cult, devastator, led, entropy, moe's tavern, mr.t, baywatch, smd, twice effect, the intruder, equinoxe, mayhem, reflex, warlock, vaudeville and all who believe in us!!
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