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67 / 100
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127TalentCrack Intro #01

86 / 100 SIDMp314222
Original released
19 December 1991
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
08 January, 2018
It seems like you're using a device featuring a screen refresh rate > 60 Hz. This is an old intro that might run too fast on your display. I'm working on it, but fixing ~ 300 old intros takes some time. Please apologize for that.
Scrolltext #1
proudly presents cisco heat+2 talent are back on the scene with another killer(?) called cisco heat+2 from mirrorsoft. make sure you check out the awesome flickers, even on pal!! two turkey legs to t.s.m, action,censor, chromance, enigma, f4cg, gotcha, legend, origo, paradize, trc, arson and nei. (c)bod/talent'91!!
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