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intro #169CyberpunxCrack Intro #0173 / 100 Mp360+

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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
05 March, 2018
Scrolltext #1
cracking is an art .. yo yo oldskool lovers.. this is l'trimm back on track with another fast one for your drives... 1985 - the day after (c) 1985 by mastertronic limited was cracked from tape, +3 trained and hiscore saver installed by me... some infos were added aswell... yeah yeah... finally a tape once again! i like to crack tapes .. hehe... some fast greetings to the friends of mine who respect the work i do... count zero - fungus - splatterhead - o'fire - wideload - bartman - jer - roy - wad - raver - didi - jeep - greatrix - lion - jazzcat - the enemy - incubus - steve - ramirez - acidchild - animalo - mr.alpha - luke - shuze - zyron - zealot - einstein - the alien - jockstrap -graham and the whole rest who are worth to be greeted.. i am fucking tired now and so i am off for a cold coffee and some cold beer :) ... thanks must go to scott for this intro... also a special thank must go to o'fire, who finally has decided to return to the active scene now, for supplying me the original of this fabulous game... so.. now i am off... the posse of the underground is off to relax on some dope now ... l'trimm is stoned
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