Overall rating
73 / 100
As Musician
73 / 100

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451Atlantis + F4CGCrack Intro #03

"Checkers Intro"
94 / 100 SIDMp360+9223
Original released
1 April 2016
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
15 June, 2020
Scrolltext #1
it is that time of the year again: rgcd compo! a4 is back after a short break from the cracking scene with another fine game by wanax and saul cross: platman. cracked and trained by the dynamic duo tsurugi and dr. science, linked by tsurugi and supplied by dr. strange. also introducing out new intro checkers, code by tsurugi with music by cerix and charset by dmd. remember to pay visit to our whq bbs the-hidden.hopto.org. greetings to the criminals in gp - hf - afl - 3ad - lxt - nos - ons - myd and exc. a4 gang is off now to enjoy the compo!
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