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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
17 June, 2021
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'garrison', presented by weird science: 5/10-1988. cracked'n trained by the tricky freak 1571, it's my birthday today... first, mir smart's top 15 ranking-list (30/5/9)... : 15.spech, 14.beyond force, 13.blaze, 12.mantronix, 11.insanity,, 9.lions, 8.sphinx, 7.action force/byterapers, 6.swat, 5.ikari, 4.hotline, 3.zenobits, 2.orion, 1.f4cg... other greetings (updated month ago, wonder when we get a new updated one) from ws2662 goes to: 1809, action force, agile, agnostic front, alpha flight, amiga sector 1, amiga yorkshire, abg, bandit, beastie boys, bros, byterapers inc., cartel, cat, cfr, clan, connection, cps, crack factory, critters, dbs, dca, ddl, de-soft, deadly friends, dexion (+ddd), digital force, double w team, dsu, dualis, dynamic systems, exact, falcons, fashion, fbi, fig, flt, freestyle inc., front, fusion, future crew, gcf, heptacon, hjc-crew, honey crew, hotline, hulksters, ibb, ikari, imagine crackers, inxs, ira, jcs, jetspeed, jewels, mcp, mechanix, miami byte, naf, new order, north star, online, orion, pioneers, plasma force, owerrun, owerstation, sychic guild, awhead, ough boys, 451, anx the explorer, cg, even-up, and triology, silva, skulls, softkiller crew, soulkiller crew, special fx, sphinx, starion, stef, sub-zero, tau, tetragon, tli, trance, triangle, tronix, tst, upfront, volunteers in phantasy, vortex 42, warlord, warriors, wgi, wwe, xades society, xakk, z-circle, zagon, zark, zenith, and to the rest of weird science and the rest there was missing..... later...
Scrolltext #2
weird science, our word for quality... intro coded by: the tricky freak, grafix by: tbh
v20.0.35, 2023-11-27, 13:55