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"Retro Style"
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
25 October, 2021
Scrolltext #1
welcome to the official free version of megastyle's new game 'tombstones' ... 'tombstones' is (c) reset64 magazine 2017and was released on the mix-i-disk in issue 10... credits: this retro intro was programmed by majikeyric, with retro logo by sparkler and retro intro music by rotteroy... docs was written by rotteroy, programmed by majikeyric, sprites by rotteroy and sparkler with petscii byshine... loading picture was made by sparkler with loading music composed and arranged by rage...'tombstones' was programmed, trained and ntsc fixed by docster. 'tombstones' game graphics and music by rotteroy... 'tombstones' is based on an idea by drumtex, and could not been made without help from scroll, majikeyric and drumtex :) greetings to the ones we respect, like all members in pond software, out of order softworks, protovision, psytronik, rgcd, dr. wuro industies, jason aldred, geir straume, john christian lonningdal, vinnie/freeze 64, polyplay, usebox, mr. nop, saul cross and all the members in reset64 ... if you have an ipad, check out our redux paint prog ram! . have a nice day! :)
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