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55 / 100
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392SharksCrack Intro #03

75 / 100 SIDMp360+00
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
27 November, 2019
Scrolltext #1
bah! the 2nd scroll to entertain you ... if we wanted to 'be in' , we would probably write sth. bout acid ... but as every 'computi' writes sth.'bout acid , we decide not to talk 'bout it!!! ... hey you heavy-prolets ... think yar cool when chatting 'bout acid ! believe me... yar not!! ... so stop ! and for all you computis : acid is no style of intro-coding or computer-soft ... 'acid' is it ! no doubt'bout ! checkthis out! ... watch more of these horny-releases directly from this house!
Scrolltext #2
....yo ya frolic freax .... where the sharks are waving their arms to one those new-beat mixes in of these in-discos in hessias ruling metropole , there saw a new crack the light of the day ... the first word that was heard was 'train me,please' ...after some discussions we have been persuaded ... here it is ... ace 2088 ... another scrabby message is cyling 'round da world .... shining-frankfurt(not dark force!) joined forces with the sharks .... unstoppable ... beatless! ... watch out for more krax!
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