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220OnslaughtCrack Intro #04

83 / 100 SIDMp360+00
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
22 May, 2018
Scrolltext #1
b ...mega ninja ass kicking greets to nostalgia,a triad,b remember,c hokuto force,a armageddon,b avatar,c wow,a excess... bthink your cool? cthen look in the mirror! asee you on
Scrolltext #2
endless is the moor, you are still not home... no place to hide, no wall to feel safe behind... no weapon strong enough to fight the threat... don't you see, don't you realise? the moor is endless now... you stood up against god himself, you felt so secure... where was that mighty god when you spat on his image? when you killed the faithful and burnt the churches... when you besieged the ramparts of the institution... that certitude, that conceit has disappeared long since... now you run for your miserable life, in vain... you hear its steps, you smell its breath... closer, always closer, the punishment is near... tears nor remorse will help you now, it is time to pay project argus was cracked, trained and given intensive care by slator. the original was smuggled to the land of darkness by none other than jazzcat. this nice title was brought from two to one disk sides and password de protected, read the docs for more info! if it loads, it can be broken...
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