Johan Samuelson

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51 / 100
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Genesis Project(1)

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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
06 August, 2023
Scrolltext #1
genesis project presents another piece of software to preserve for our grandchildren. 'leaps and bounds' is 'fun learning for 4 to 8 year olds' according to the advert. released in 1985 by muse software, it features 4 programs to play with: simple counting up to 9, basic letter and word recognition, a drawing program and a music keyboard with 4 instruments to play with. the program shows off what the idea is through a nice demo mode that starts if you leave the game alone for a while. animations liven up the experience. the original disk was copy-protected by hidden drive-code section at track 18, sector 2 that reads an extra sector (19) at track 20. if it fails the program won't load in the controls properly, causing a crash. the implemented fastloader hijacks the kernal $ffd5 jump vector at $0330 (that defaults to $f4a5). the loading screen and main program elements have been onefiled, copy-protection removed, fastloader preserved. now for the credits:brand new bounce intro by scrap, music by stinsen, crack and onefiling by mr.mouse, original supply and testing by paladin, linking by six! greets to triad, atlantis, nostalgia, excess, hokuto force, fairlight, menace, onslaught, role, mayday!
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