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Overall rating
69 / 100
As Coder
83 / 100
As Artist
56 / 100
artwork (1)
code (1)


intro #662TherapyCrack Intro #0180 / 100 SIDMp360+

Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
05 February, 2023
Scrolltext #1
hola! therapy is back with : super nibbly+3 this game is very nice and funny.. this is a worm-game / he-he / so! this stuff trained by regent of therapy. the original supplyed by rave of triad thanx but his version is fault... /sorry/ and this error-free version supplyed by gaby of tendance /gracias senorita!.. hehehe/ well. if you like this intro or other therapy stuffs then vote for therapy and regent. now i'll stopped this lame text, because i'm lazy..... press the longest key on your c64 and enjoy the work of industrious bees! restart the scroll!
Scrolltext #2
greetings to: tendance thanx to: gaby of tendance for the original more greetings: afl'70 airwolf team atlantis black code design bronx chaos charged cherubs chimera design damage desert nomads dytec eastgang extacy faces fairlight fun factory grafitty jam keen acid lethargy level 64 liquid maniax megaunit oxyron powerage reflex rebels slash design system trc triad triumwyrat washers xenon and now credits for intro: code by regent music by zyron grafix by regent go again!
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