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77 / 100
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77 / 100
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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
07 March, 2021
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Yoho! The famous game called "Core Wars" is being presented to You by Polonus of Science 451! All coding of the game and this intro by Polonus (me) too! I'm sure You all have heard about this cool-idea game. I saw a C64 version a lot of time ago, but it was rather shit - no standard (1000) battle area, stupid warrior editor etc...etc... So I decided to programm "Core Wars" with ditor,compiler and Memory Array Redcode Simulator (MARS) afresh! It has all the standards orders, correct battle area (8000 "bytes") and usefull editor with possibility of using program labels! There's only one bad fact: I had no room in memory to do the show of battle area during the war. But I'll wait for Your reactions!! Have a nice play!
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