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74 / 100
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358ActionCrack Intro #04

72 / 100 SIDMp360+00
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
03 July, 2019
Scrolltext #1
january 7th 1991 - just one day after their last 1st release action strike back - this time with "the neverending story part ii" which was #1 released by spitfire for the only group that is allowed to say "we're germany's fastest" !!! i'm sure you wonder yourself why the fuck we have so many 1st releases lately,but that's easy to explain - we just can't let some lameheads think that there'd be another group than action who's germany's #1 - i know you don'tlike this,but you have to agree!!! american greets to nec-nei (let's have some fun again,technique...),random,exodus and tsm(i) the euros are : afl,atg,bonzai,censor,chromance,class,crest,culture,dominators,dynamix,extasy,f4cg,fairlight,genesis,guardian angels,hitmen (only jihad!),illusion,legend,light,nato, origo,paramount,ruthless,science 451,talent+ikari,transcom,triad,x-factor and x-ray so think twice before you vote for a mag - count our 1st releases and tell me who's still in front of us ? - in germany none and not many more in the world either... raise your ass and wake up,shithead... keep on spalting and fucking the girls (hi melanie!) and do never believe gays saying anything about action unless you didn't hear it from us - for example 'moskwa tv' was said to be in action - just another lie of our enemies who seem to be so afraid that they have to invent lies... action is only : spitfire,hok,gadget,crisp,a -man and xox and don't think of warring us - we'll win anyway - last prove - we live - crazy is dead... enough crap - time to go to bed and ship this to nei--- later freaks...
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