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555X-RatedCrack Intro #08

77 / 100 SIDMp360+00
Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
22 December, 2021
Scrolltext #1
.. deep in night the dreams are so horny... but no time to dream left, coz of cracking such a lot... yeah, l'trimm of x-rated strikes back to give you 'world rubgy' from zeppelin games which was as fast as possible cracked by me.no trainers as such games simply don't need any trainers! so better f**k off... it's 2 o'clock in the moment, and i still have to crack two other games! shit in 7 hours i've school again. but 7 hours are simply enough for two other originals... a very big thanks must go to my old and cool pal 'ollie/pride' for making such a cool x-rated intro! thank you my friend... and i've to thank x-raffi/x-rated for the nice original! well, i'm not in the mood to write some greetz here... yeah, in two days is the lovely week-end again, then it's pardey time. so i can search for a nice pussy which i may can f**k ! notice that sandy left me, and i don't have a girlfriend yet, so i better must search for one...hope i'll find one as fast as possible as i miss the wet pussy's... so this should be all my friends... see you all in the other kicking x-rated releases and remember to give us a vote for our quality releases... bye ... l'trimm of x-rated is dreaming away...
v19.6.74, 2023-09-22, 13:48