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intro #442Hokuto ForceCrack Intro #0585 / 100 SIDMp360+

Original released
Re-coded by Doc Snyder
16 April, 2020
Scrolltext #1
c64 sceners in anno domini 2019 hokuto force is back with yado 1st c64 intro named nostalgy. with the slogan we want just to have fun we remember to call our bbs ushq ehq port: 1541. greetings go like this crack:alpha flight, atlantis, avatar, demonix, excess, f4cg, fairlight, genesis project, laxity, mayday, nostalgia, role and triad. past-present-future: acrise, active, aeg soft, angels, arise, artline designs, arsenic, bliss, bonzai, booze design, camelot, censor design,commodore is awesome, cosine, covert bitops, crescent, crest, defame, dekadence, delysid, desire, dmagic, dominators, dual crew, exon, extend, flood, hackersoft, hackn' trade, hitmen, hoaxers, house designs, krynn, lethargy, level 64 , mhi, nah-kolor, nightfall, noice, no name, offence, oxyron, padua, panda design, people of liberty, performers, proxima, pvm, radwar, ram jam, raw deal inc., razor 1911, return, rewind, rgcd, samar, shape, singular, sos, the movers, tnd, trsi, underground domain incorporated, vdv crew, wrath designs and last but not least: g-force, indie retro news, mankeli, reset magazine, and all our friends in fb pri-vate groups, csdb site, gamebase 64, vice team , lemon 64 and the forgotten rest... see ya in next releases..
Scrolltext #2
welcome to my first attempt to code an intro on commodore 64 ! code : yado - graphics : shine of the solution - music : r.diger tietz (nike). released at flashparty 2019 ! organizzed by pvm ! see you soon from yado of hokuto force !
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