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640ExcessCrack Intro #17

"Pirates of Excess"
94 / 100 Mp360+00
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Re-coded by Doc Snyder
14 September, 2022
Scrolltext #1
seas of blood +4dtfgs aka duell der piraten excess is proud to finally release this very huge project on our 30 years exac party to the audience... a few more words about this release: when the idea was born to do a translation of this game 3 years ago, none of us knew how much work that would be. :-) therefore, special thanks go to the following members of excess, without whom this release would never exist: faayd, who came up with the idea. he did the ntsc fix, was responsible for fixing various bugs, repixeled the title screen, translated the map and added the trainers. the awesome cover picture was done by almighty god. st0rmfr0nt for translating the whole game. hol2001, who tested the game and did the proofreading of the translation. this also applies to ebster, who also did the walkthrough. new pirate intro coded by twilight, intro graphics done by zscs, exclusive intro tune by nordischsound. directory art by logiker. final playtest by yokotv inc. we send greetings to: arcade, army of darkness, atlantis, fairlight, genesis project, hokuto force,laxity, mayday, menace, nostalgia, onslaught, role and triad.... faayd is off for another one...
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